sofa covers    
  Don't spend a lot of money on a new piece of furniture, buy a Sofa Cover and freshen up your living room, within minutes.

Covering your Sofa

  Eco-Friendly Easy to Fit Keep it Clean Saver Solution

With our Sofa Covers you can take an old piece of furniture that looks terrible and change it into something stunning and stylish. A selection of ready to fit elastic Sofa Covers is available with unique designs made from beautiful fabrics and rich textures. You can redecorate any chair or room in your home for a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture.
Our covering concept is also the best eco-solution if you have a scrappy sofa and you don't like the idea "it will end up in a landfill". At the same time you can save lots of money, you don't need to buy a new sofa anymore, especially when they don't come so cheap. Furthermore, it will protect your sofa from creative kids and rebellious pets.
Fitting a slipcover is better than putting a throw because it goes all over the sofa, it stays in place and it will give a new vibrant look to your room.
It is very easy to put it on: simply tuck the fabric down between the cushions in order to achieve the desired look. It is even easier to take it off: it will make the cleaning chore simpler and faster.
The sofacover is just one piece and will go over the entire sofa.